ANDS Progress report for May 2017

Event Date: 
1 May 2017

Since the study launched in April 2015, teams of technicians and researchers from UNSW and Monash University have been working to install ANDS equipment in both Sydney and Melbourne.

They have so far installed ANDS hardware into 312 vehicles, with the participants that have participated in the study completing a total of 82 years of driving!

The Australian Naturalistic Driving Study (ANDS) aims to understand what people do when driving their cars in everyday and safety-critical situations. We are still on target to instrumenting 360 vehicles but we need your help! At the moment we are currently short on Victorian drivers and need driving data from drivers like you!

Outcomes from this study will be used to derive answers to some important road safety-related research questions that can only be answered using this innovative research method. Answers to these questions will be used to develop new road safety programs, policies and products that are expected to save many lives and prevent many serious injuries.  

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