Risks & Benefits

Benefits of participation

  • Contribute to study outcomes which will be used to develop new road safety programs, policies and products, and help reduce deaths and injuries on our roads;
  • Ensure the success of this Australian-first study;
  • Receive gift vouchers to the combined value of $250. 


Potential Risks or Concerns

  • Confidentiality and privacy

A variety of procedures have been developed to ensure that data obtained by means of the data collection system will be treated in full and complete compliance with all applicable privacy law and policy. These procedures include encrypting the data obtained by sensors and cameras, and using a code number to identify you with the code key maintained in a secure location.

  • Study equipment may interfere with driving

All data collection equipment is mounted such that, to the greatest extent possible, it does not pose a hazard or problem for you when you drive. None of the data collection equipment should get in the way of your normal field of view. You are not being asked to change the way you drive or where you drive, except for your visits to the installation site.

  • Driving into restricted areas where cameras and sensors are not permitted

If you drive into an area where cameras are not allowed, including military and intelligence locations, and certain manufacturing plants, there is a risk that you may be detained or arrested or that the vehicle may be impounded. For this reason, by signing the consent form and thereby agreeing to participate in the study, you are also agreeing not to drive into any such areas while you are in this study. We have provided a letter for the glove box which can be used to explain the vehicle’s role in the study while still maintaining your privacy and keeping confidential your role in the study.


For more information, please refer to our FAQ page