Participant information

We are seeking 360 participants (180 in Sydney and regional NSW, and 180 in Melbourne and regional Victoria) for a participation period of four (4) months.

If you decide to participate in the study, we will install several pieces of data collection equipment in the vehicle you normally drive. The equipment will collect data continuously, from the time the vehicle is turned on until it is turned off. There will be video of your face, arms, and legs that will tell us what you do while you drive. There will also be video of the forward roadway and the roadway behind the vehicle. GPS will provide the location of the vehicle. Sensors will measure speed, braking, turn signal use and other vehicle and driver behaviours.

As a study participant, you will be asked to: 

  • provide us with a valid and full NSW or VIC driver’s licence; 
  • provide us with the registration paper for the vehicle you intend to use in the study;
  • undergo a consent process which includes reviewing and signing an informed consent form;
  • allow us to install the data collection equipment in your vehicle;
  • undergo non-invasive tests of vision, memory, decision-making, attention, and strength;
  • complete questionnaires about your health, driving behaviour and driving history;
  • if you are involved in a crash, participate in an interview about the crash;
  • allow us to de-install the study equipment at the end of the study period; and
  • Complete two study exit questionnaires.

You will be compensated with $250 worth of gift vouchers for your participation in the study.